The funniest race of the year. ExtremeRun is an obstacle race event that was brought to Vantaa, Finland, in 2010. The first year was such a hit that the event was here to stay. Ever since ExtremeRun has been moving people all around Finland bringing enjoyment to people with different fitness levels.

ExtremeRun is organized in various different locations around the Finland, moving around 10 000 people on a yearly basis. Within the track, participants encounter obstacles ranging from car wrecks to bubble and water obstacles to "Stairs of Goliath", which challenges competitors to reach higher than 10 meters. However, more important than the obstacles are the joy of exercise and good feeling.

ExtremeRun events are meant to make everyone move and have fun. You can decide whether you want to participate in a racing or fun series and proceed to the desired journey at your own pace. Dress up with something sporty or fun. The most important thing is that you are part of it.

Event dates and registration can be found here (in Finnish)