Sparkling carnival, which you don't want to miss!

ExtremeRun – Finland's largest fun run event

ExtremeRUN has brought joy to the lives of people of all ages since 2010.

In 2024, ExtremeRUN events held will be held in Tahko on April 20 and Lahti on May 18. Children's turn to conquer the track will be in Lahti on May 19. 

In the race, runners tackle an imaginative obstacle course – each in their own style! The heart of the event is collective fun, and every participant is rewarded. Along the way, you are likely to spot more colorful costumes on the participants than traditional running tights. 

Participants might also spot themselves on TV, as a one-hour program from ExtremeRUN will be broadcast on Nelonen (a Finnish channel).

ExtremeRUN is not just a running event, but festivities lasting from morning to night: first there's the competition, then the partying. With all-day celebrations, participants overcome the course, enjoy the cheerful carnival atmosphere, and party into the late night. The AfterRUN might indeed be one of the highlights of the adult event. 

You definitely don't want to miss this: come along and conquer the course or just soak up the bubbly atmosphere! 

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ExtremeRUN 2024

Why should you participate?

An awesome experience

There's something to see and experience from morning until late in the evening! ExtremeRUN is a surprise package filled with exercise and fun, bursting with sparkling joy, surely offering a fantastic experience for everyone. 

Adventure and excitement

We will take you out of your comfort zone! An imaginative track and a great crowd make every kilometer memorable.

Community and friendship

Whether you come alone or together, in ExtremeRUN you share joys and challenges with others and experience the power of community.

Exercise and well-being

ExtremeRUN offers a great opportunity to achieve new physical and mental victories – and perhaps you'll discover new sides of yourself!


With the help of ExtremeRUN, over 70,000 euros have already been raised for the benefit of people with mobility impairments. By participating in this memorable event, you also support the community.